What is The Million Youth Chess Club?

The Million Youth Chess Club is a 501©(3) corporation dedicated to
providing Berks County youth with the opportunity to further develop
their talents as chess players through education and competition.
We believe that by engaging youth in the game of chess they can
enhance their critical and analytical thinking and reasoning skills to
better prepare them th address the problems of daily living.

Organizational History

The Million Youth Chess Club was founded in May, 1996. The club
was established to provide Berks County youth the a positive
alternative to unhealthy risk-taking behaviors.  Recognizing the
necessity of healthy activities for our youth, the Million Youth Chess Club
was founded by local grassroots activists.

Since our inception we have received strong support from many local, well-extablished organizations including:

Future Plans

The Million Youth Chess Club has already made inroads at several Berks County locations to establish future club sites. Included sites are:

. . . just to name a few. As the Million Youth Chess Club looks to expand, we anticipate being able to serve at least 200 at-risk Berks County Youths.

P.O. BOX 7944
Reading, Pa 19603

Phone: 610-373-3061

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